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got news from bowmanville?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Was there on the weekend with two friends from Saturday 12pm to Monday 2pm.

We had a hard time closer to shore (80 to 130 fow), went only 2 out of 4, for many long hours. A 26 pounder Chinook and a coho.

We had a lot more success far from the shore between 290 fow and 340 fow. We went twice for a few hours only and there was good action pretty much every 15 minutes. We went 11 on 11, mostly good size steelheads,a few cohos, and an 18 pounder chinook.

We had more success with flasher and flies than with spoons. Dispies and riggers were both successful, nothing on the cheaters.

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I was straight out of port Dalhousie on the weekend in 100-120 ft water AND IT WAS A GREAT  DAY! We finally got a nice 10 lbs salmon and missed another giant that cut off my line! Also got a 15 lbs lake trout on the same meat rig, many hits and many misses on the BIG DIPSEY DIVERS , I also had rainbow  hitting my watermelon Stingray spoon and divers were set shallow to 40-50 depth as the water was last week at 30 ft in the 5 celcius range which was probably feezing the fish!!!!!!!!!!!! FISH-ONNNNNNNNNNNNN

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