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Cayuga Lansing Harbor Festival/Celebrate Lansing Tourney

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The Lansing Harbor Festival has a new name this year - Celebrate Lansing


The fishing tournament is on August 9th 12:01am to 2:30pm - weigh in at 3pm.


Attached is the entry form.


(This is also day 2 of the LOU-ALL/Lighthouse Derby split date event of the 333 Tourney - Meyers Park Lift Project series)

August 9 2014 light.pdf

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80% payback. $20 entry fee.....what happens to the $4 that's not paid back? If you have 100 entries someone pockets $400. Seems like a greater % should go to the purse. Please enlighten me.

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First of all the lift looks great! Congratulations guys! Pic of huge brown winners of this year's harbor fest! Darn live bait guys! Lol!!! post-150622-14076368486309_thumb.jpg

Fun day on lake for wife and I... Lots of Lakers, nothing big... a 6-11 and a 6-12.... for the 333 ,the standings are super close... coming down to ounces , I believe! Congratulations to all that placed and won today! The one thing I noticed was the lack of lamprey, lake looks healthy!

Water color was a dingy emerald green, that color spoon and fly worked well today also. if that makes sense.....

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