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Set them down at 5:30am in 140 fow and worked out to 260 fow. Pretty much kept the riggers between 75 and 115 all day except on the way in we went deeper looking for laker action. Also ran 2 divers and eventually 300' of copper. Did not move a rod until about 8:00 when the rigger at 100' over 220 fow with a 42nd spoon took a 10 lb king. It was actually a doped up NK green thunder that looks a lot like a 42nd spoon. It took another hour or so and we picked up a 6 to 7 lb laker on the same set up just a little shallower. Did not do another fish until we started pulling the lines at 11:30 or so and found a 7-8 lb laker had been hitching a ride for awhile on a spiny and an ITO mag fly. No idea how long he had been there. Also ran DWB, mag money, watermelon, green evil eye mag and mag carbon 14 but none produced. 3 for 3 on the day with a 42nd look alike doing 2 of them, all on riggers. Back at it tomorrow.

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we had a similar day. Lures in water at 7:30 in 150fow  and headed north to 275 fow 2 small steelheads on the flat lines   one on green glow  #3 Andy Reeker and one on broken back black and silver Rapala.

Turned back toward port .In 125 ft slick line lot of debris,  Two teen kings 90 ft down   nk28

kept going south when we reached 90ft triple on brown  down riggers (90,80,50,60 ft) and we called quit for the day at 11 am

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Quite day for me as well.


Had (3) rods (I was alone) out; rigger with slider, wire with SD & fly and 5 core with crank.


Setup in about 120 feet with some screen action and trolled out to 280 feet with almost no screen.


Changed rigger spoons, wire SD & fly and core crank after about 1 1/2 hours. Headed into shallower water.


Picked up (2) small Kings 8- 10 pounds on Carbon 14 off of rigger at 65 over 140.


Wind picked up slightly from East and that was it. Still decent screen but no action.

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