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smallmouth restoration on Lake Ontario


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lately I have been getting facts and what to do to bring back the smallie on LO.Ive talked to several private hatcheries who specialize in smallmouth.My conclusion is that it can be done but it's not going to be cheap.Smallies can be raised on liver pellets much like trout.They supposedly have to taught but about half the cost using fatheads.It usally takes about 13 lbs of fatheads to raise a 1 lb smallie.

There are some shortcuts and we could lower the cost signifcantly.TheNYS state hatchery crew is a very capable bunch of guys who could realy make a go of this.

The goby presents problems but what are they?Does the goby eat the nest before it hatches?Does the goby eat the bass young?Lastly does the goby consume to much of the food needed by the bass fry.

The biologists might have important  information  that could solve these riddles

other questions would be how big do the young bass need to be before released to raise serviabilty.

Is there anyway we could curtail the goby population .Would a electro shock kill the goby but not other species?Just a idea.

My thinking would be to mass stock certain areas around the lake till be get back to a good bass population.

One way maybe of getting more attention would be to form a Lake Ontario Smallmouth Restoration United.(LASRU)

The quicker we get together on this the sooner the bass will be back.

Maybe our excellent  NYS Hatchery crew could comment on any of these ideas.

Bringing back the smallie could energize the fishery and get kids fishing again and off the box

Good Fishing


Anyone interested in meeting on this let me know.

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