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The Oak July 17-20

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Fished a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon with one 20 king to show for our efforts and a bunch of small king throwbacks. 150-190 FOW west. water was pretty mixed up with warm water pockets everywhere. We fished primarily 80 down in 50 deg.


Friday went deeper to start in 350 and worked north. Caught a bunch of kings and good size steelhead, largest steelhead weighed just over 17 lbs. Kept 7 good kings and 2 steelhead, through back a bunch of fish. Fished primarily 70 down on riggers, they were the best by far, did pull of largest king, 27 lbs on a dipsy flasher fly. The big steelhead were taking the spoons on the 70 and 73 rigger.


Saturday was about the same as Friday except the temp had come up more and most were taken 60 down on the riggers, dipsys were pretty quiet again. One good 24 king on a 300 copper. We also caught a coho that was slightly over 20 lbs, our largest ever.


Sunday we only fished a couple of hours and stayed in close. The water was cold, we were at 45 deg down 40 ft. Caught one brown in 120 ft, on a rigger down 15 with a 50 ft lead.


Fun trip with a lot of fish and the largest average size steelhead I've seen there before. I'm coming back over next weekend for some more fun I hope.






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That was the largest steelhead and coho we have ever caught in the 20+ years of coming over from Ohio to fish a couple of weekends a year.


We caught a bunch of 12-14 lb steelhead on Saturday that we did our best to not handle and revive the best we could for release. Bunch of big deep steelhead out there on Friday. The two were cleaned were stuffed full of 5-6" alewives


We had another come on the the 73 rigger that looked much larger than the 17 the 10 times it cleared the water. Unfortunately it somehow worked the hook out of the split ring during all of it leaps and runs. I thought it had just pulled free from the spoon, Pirate 55 blank, Alewives tape job, came back with a slightly bent split ring and no hook. That was another first for us. We still don't really understand that one.

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Nice fish and nice report. Good talking with you at the dock. I will be there Thursday through Tuesday again this weekend. We had some good waypoints out a little further than you that we're producing well. post-145902-14060751912001_thumb.jpgpost-145902-14060752067957_thumb.jpgpost-145902-14060752212654_thumb.jpgpost-145902-14060752367246_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Day Break,


I am REALLY hoping to have some fishing in closer this coming weekend. I have two complete rookies with me this trip and the wind forecast is not as good as last weekend for my smaller boat, especially with the new crew.


See you at the dock on Thursday.

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This is Bernie from OGF,,,good to hear you did well. I will be there the last of August and the first of Sept. Will you be there then? I was in St. Catherines the second week of July and no fish.



No I won't be there in August or Sept.  This coming weekend will most likely be my last trip for the year.  I used to always come over in late August but have been coming over in July that last 3 years with good success.

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As good as the trip was 17-20th was for us the trip this past weekend 24-26 was quite the opposite.


Fished 4 hrs Thursday evening, all day Friday, and 6 hrs Sat morning with nothing to really show for our efforts. Covered a lot of water East, West and way NW and caught 10-12 small kings throw backs, a few small steelhead and one 15lb king. ever had a good king or steelhead on the entire trip.


Found a lot of good water, good marks, good baitfish, and just couldn't find anything they wanted to hit.


I had two Salmon rookies with me on this trip and really wanted them to be able to enjoy the battle with a nice king. I was never ever to make it happen for them.


It can't do anything but get better as the season progresses.

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