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Seneca New Member / First Time to Seneca Lake


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I'm heading to Seneca Lake at the end of August for the first time. I'll be camping at Sampson State Park for a week. I am looking for any pointers or tips that anybody can provide me on fishing the lake, I guessing the north end. 


I do a lot of trolling in Lake Ontario for salmon rainbows and Lakers, as well as Lake Erie for walleye. 


I'd like to do some fishing for the same species. So looking for any helpful hints or areas that might be of help. 


I'm also getting into bass fishing, got all the new gear. So any help with that would be greatly appreciated. I guess locations if anybody's willing to give them up. 


I'm a catch and release fisherman. 


Thanks in advance. 



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Ditto to the first reply! If you leave the marina and he's south there are some good weed beds shallow, just be prepared for a pike! Also across the lake and to the south a little is long point where the kueka outlet dumps in, this can be productive for bass, just stay away from the rig that's offshore they will escort you away if you get too close I've heard.

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