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Wanted any woood workers out there?

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I am making my planer board mast. I have the right sized pipe. I am going to mount it in my front seat

receptacle on my boat.  I need a wooden dowel, circular  2 1/4 inches in diameter 5 inches long.  A  1 inch hole drilled in the center of the dowel so that I can slide the pipe through and  it will sit securely in

my seat receptacle  and not wobble from side to side from pressure of planer board lines. If anyone can

help me out, will be happy to pay for your work.. 








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I think ive seen an aluminum adapter just for that....if you cant find one make it out of aluminum...there must be a shop near you that can do it...ill call a machinist i know and get a price

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I can make that for you out of wood but I would strongly advise against using wood.  The pipe will eventually crush the wood grains and go out of shape.  Also swelling and contraction will be a problem.


Tom B.


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I made a homemade mast completely out of wood.  The receptacle, I tapered slightly.  I have 2 "guy" ropes going to the fronnt of the boat so it won't wobble.  Haven't fished it yet, but took it out to try and the whole setup seems to work.

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