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SALMON SHOWDOWN SEASON 5 Standings 7-30-14

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Salmon Showdown TV Teams

I’d love to tell you that with 6 events left to fish the race for the final 4 is really starting to heat up…. However, right now it looks like we are down to a 6 horse race. I get asked fairly regularly, “Who’s locked in for the final four?†It’s always tricky at this point in the season because of the variables involved, so I don’t want to give anyone “locked in†status at this point. That being said, I struggle to find any possible outcome that would keep Early Bird out of the Monster. After that, if I look down the standings it appears that if you can muster a 100+ average score you’ve got a really good shot at the finals. The only other team that has that guaranteed at this point is Angler’s Avenue. Pole Dancer seems to be on an unstoppable hot streak this year. However their huge score at the Splash was not a TV Event. That means they need one decent score at the Frenzy or in TC to lock themselves in at over 100 points.

After that, based on projections from last year I see 3 more boats who could potentially hit a 100 point average score. They are Grimm Reaper, Fish Bound IV and Win-N-Angel. For the other 10 boats… well it’s looking pretty bleak. Of course, if the leaders stumble in the later events that could open up 1 or even 2 slots for some last minute drama.

6 more scores hit the leaderboard this weekend at the Big Red Classic – Good Luck!

To follow along with all of the 18 tournaments for this season check out http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/fo...urnament-Trail



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