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Fish out of Deans Cove on Cayuga lake yesterday with a co-worker and his 12 year old son had a late start left the dock around 11:00.

We headed south until we hit around 120 fow setup two riggers at 55 -65 two dipsy diver 150-175 and two lead core 7 and 10 colors I let the kid pick out all the lures from the Red eye and Sutton boxes. 

It had only been 15 min. after setting up and the 65 ft. outside rigger went off the boy pull it up and it was a 16 inch. brown kids first fish trolling so into the box she went. Next was dad turn on a seven color core pull it up and it was a small brown back into the lake. troll a little farther south pick up a couple more small fish.So we turn around to troll back and the inside 55 ft rigger fired and dad reel it in it was 4 lb laker we pickup a few more small legal fish put them all back to grow up and then just before Deans Cove the inside Dipsy fired dad started reeling it in and bang the outside rigger went off now dad and his son are both fighting fish the son fish is jumping out of the water and it look like a fire drill in the back of the boat they reel both fish in and they have 3 and 4 lb. salmon the boys fish wins back to the dock around 3:30.

That has to be one of the best days I have had on Cayuga lake in a long long time.


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Always great to share a day like that with other folks and especially kids. :yes:

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