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Ruff Rider Live Report - Salmon Slam - 2014 Aug 1-3

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Looks to be great weather this weekend if the thunderstorms stay away!  We have Big Fish Friday tomorrow and the Sodus Bay Healing Waters Salmon Slam tournament on Saturday!   It's going to be an amazing weekend!


Reports I have been hearing is that temp is deep and fish have moved out.  The south wind over the next few days may bring some cold water in and I'm sure the fish will follow.


Good luck to everyone fishing big fish tomorrow, I'll be posting what Theresa and I manage to scrounge up out there!  On Saturday, we will be looking to get our disabled and wounded Vets on some fish, so anyone with any tips or reports, please let us know!



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Oz has veen tough this week from what I'm told, hope you find some targets over there tomorrow. Wish I could be out there with y'all !!! Good Luck and see you Saturday

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Tomorrow's payout for BFF should be $525!


21 boats will be competing for big fish.




One clarification as folks have been asking, Big Fish Friday is single biggest fish, Salmon or Trout.  No sturgeon!


Weigh ins must be in line by 4pm at Arney's fish cleaning station and you can weigh in early as long as I am there to weigh you in.

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