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Hooked up with my friend Morris, who's an erie walleye guy and fished Olcott out of his boat this morning.  I brought some of my salmon gear since he doesn't really have any.  

We stopped in 80 fow and found liquid desert, so we blasted offshore.  The day started slow but really picked up as the morning went on.  We found a good mixed bag of kings and steelies in 400-480 fow a little west of port.

Ended the day 16/18 with kings up to 22 lbs and steelies to 12 lbs.  The riggers at 45 and 55 were the hot set up for us with spoons, both main line and free sliders taking  the bulk of the fish.  Black Green Glow NK28s on the 55 rigger and blue thunder NK28 with glow and laser ladderbacks  on the 45 rigger both took a bunch of shots on both steelies and mid to upper teen kings.  Same spoon on both main line and slider on both riggers.

Starboard diver, back 150 on a 2 took the big king on a Marv's Big Fatty chip with Big Weenie spook fly. That also took a nice teenage king.

Port diver with a mag R&R  back 120 on a 2 took a couple steelies.

200 copper with a dalmation R&R took 2 shots as well.  The only rod that didn't take a hit was the 10 color core.

Morris doesn't have a probe (this was the 1st time in 3 years his riggers were even on the boat) but the GPS SOG that took the most hits was 2.7-2.9.



Weather Channel app on my phone didn't not forecast the rain we fished in all day, but the winds were light and it was almost flat out there.

All in all not a bad day, considering how spotty the fishing has been this year.


Edited by Tim Bromund

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Damn, good report and nice going. That must of been a ball.

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Great day out there! Nice report.


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