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Reel sizes for kings

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Here's a simple question for you big lake guys:  Do 30 class reels (I have Okuma Cold Water 303's and Okuma Classic Pro XP 302's) have enough line to handy fall kings?  I run 30# Blood Run Sea Flee line.  They hold just under 300 yards of the stuff.  I was contemplating getting some 40 class reels of the same style (Okuma cold water 453 and Okuma classic pro xp 452), but would rather not spend the money if it's not necessary. 


For addintional info, I run Okuma downrigger rods.  They are a mix of lengths, but they aren't wimpy rods.  Leader material is 25# Seguar flouro.  I would hate to watch a fish strip the reel clean when 50 more yards would have saved it. 


Thanks! :yes:



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You should be fine with 30's on riggers. I used to run the Daiwa 27's til I switched everything to Okuma reels. There will always be that one or 2 major fish that will make you think your gonna get spooled but you just have to play your drag right and you should be OK.

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