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Fished hard from Wilson, targeting kings with a little brown trout trolling to bend some rods.

Weather was too nice, only blown off a few hours.

Fished from the Bar to Somerset, 50 fow to 476. Took a 25, 24, 18, 15 and a 9 lb king. A few jacks and a bunch of shakers too. All males, all on various flasher flies/sushi flies with greens and silver producing consistently. Spoon bite was not there for me, only picked up steelies and browns on spoons. Caught a few of each, and a laker.

180 fow to 227 fow was the King zone for us. And believe me you we tried all depths.

Reports in port were dour, mainly small kings and steel so we felt lucky with our limited number of matures. Wilson harbor is always a great place to dock for us, real comfy for my aging bones. A pic of my "deck boss" with a nice one:


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