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Left the bay outlet about 6:00am fishing solo each day.


Friday started in 100ft just east of the bay and worked out to over 400ft.    Bait and marks were very good out to about 180ft, then tapered off quickly.  Started seeing more bait and marks around 320ft but nothing like inside 180ft…..worked west to Russell’s to 180-210ft.   Ended up 5 for 6 mostly skippys and small steelhead except for one 18.1lb king caught in from of Russell’s on wire mag dipsy at 190ft on white/green protroll and green/chartreuse fly.


Saturday started in 120ft just east of bay. Read good bait and marks; caught a couple lakers right away so moved out deeper to 160-220ft.   Ended up 5 for 7; two kings (21.4lbs and ~15lbs), two lakers, and a small atlantic.  The kings came on 200ft wire mag dipsy (same as above) and meatrig on 300 copper (50ft down on rigger).  I lost screamers on both these rigs also.


Water fleas were tolerable both days, but floating clumps of weeds/algae now getting onto lines and rigger wire.

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