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Seneca Seneca 8/9/14

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So got up early and went to Severne. The plan was get there early motor down to Glenora and pull out when I reached Severne again. Left the house at 4:30 AM something executed the "plan" was back on the trailer at 8:45 AM, shot the **** with an older than me timer at the launch for awhile and home, coming through Watkins, by 10:30 3 nice lakers,22 1/4 " 3# 3 oz, 24" 4# 15 oz, and 25" 13 oz, 150 FOW, wire rods, mag Dipsey #2 setting, 280' back, my usual glo frog racer Spin Doctor/ Reel-Hooked Up fly( yes I have other Spin Doctor fly combos ) took the 2 larger of the 3 and a #00 Luhr Jensen hammered silver flasher with a chrome and glo Spin -n- Glo following it on my new Seth Green rig toy took the smaller one. Boat ran great, very peaceful morning on Seneca  , I haven't fished a Finger Lake during the tourist season on a WEEKEND in years  :yes:


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:lol:  WTG Marty! great report and....how could anyone be older than you? (maybe me though :) ) Glad to see you've turned the corner and are now a bonefide rig fisherman!


I don't even dare to think about going out on Canandaigua during a weekend right now....yesterday.... looked like a couple hundred trailers a the the launch....must have been real fun with the usual everyone coming back in the launch at the same time in the evening :rofl:

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