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8/10/14 - Mexcio Bay No Hitter...

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Hey All,


I'm still in NC until 8/23 (even with the slow reports can't wait to get on the water for the first time this year!), but my Dad and his partner in crime Bob ran out to 225FOW in Mexico Bay today and set up, ran out to 450, back in - FF & Spoons program. 7 hours - NO srikes, no runs, no errors - one big bagel for the day. One other boat they talked to went 0-2 in the roughly the same area. They're going to give it another shot tomorrow ahead of the weather Tues/Wed.


I've seen a lot of reports in other regions of the lake for good to great Steelhead action, but haven't noticed a much on them ot of Mexico - a lot more on Browns & Lakers. If they have another slow to dead day for Kings tomorrow, would it be worth running for Steelies there, say 40-70 feet down? 




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The past 2 trips we have got Steelies on sliders about 45-50 down, riggers 80 down and 400 copper anywhere from 175FOW out to 320. We were looking/hoping for Kings but not many of those.

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