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Seneca North End this Morning 8-11-14


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Signalman and I headed out in his boat at 6 AM from the Chamber and the wind was a slight chop out of the south east. We started looking as soon as we saw bait in about 40 ft and there was tons of bait mainly suspended but some near bottom in 40-90 ft. as we trolled jeking copper copper and running downriggers and a slide diver. We hit  a couple lakers on the copper and also the downrigger with  cowbells and peanut run near bottom. Didn't have the probe in so no temps. Fished out to over 120ft and then back as we didn't mark much except bait near bottom out there.Picked up a couple more small lakers on copper and peanut rig then the wind picked up due south to about 12-15 mph and it became a problem adjusting/controlling our speed and direction and we then had rollers increasing in height and that dampened the bite also. We headed in a little before 11 AM after catching a half dozen or so  small lakers during our stay. We weren't able to fish it the way we wanted to but we had fun anyway and as always Mike was a great host and good buddy..... and there is always "next time" for a chance for our game plan to come together. :)  We did mark a bunch of fish and tons of bait. We ran fleeless but the weeds were present intermittently.

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   Were you fishing out of the PennYan hardtop?  I was in the Pursuit with the green top. I had a friend from California

fishing with me and I was explaining what pulling copper was and how effective it is. Was it hard to find bottom

with current? We were trolling east/west and back. Down Riggers with Mt. Dew crush on the bottom got 6 Lakers,

one 10#. A Dipsey out 120 with a 3 setting caught a small rainbow. I told him that Tuesday would be unfishable

with a 20 mph south wind, boy was I right!

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