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Seneca Seneca 2 hour troll


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I was a tad wimpy this am but check forecast and looked like it was going to get a lot of wind later...........so gave Hoot a yell and off we went....set-up some time after 10 am and picked up a good laker I lost behind the boat we got a good eye on....... on rigger FLT spoon ......later the wire rod goes off 105' wire out S/D with a green fly..... heavy fish.... I work him in and Hoot puts the net on him...... 27" pushing 10# brown.. big male nice hook-jaw and great color.... that was it called it a good day !!!!!



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The wire rod with that fish on it jammed up with a piece of weed and fleas it was out only 15 minutes or so.....in one word they are spotty.... some places thick and other barely a trace ..... if it's like the past two years they will be like that right into late September..... I tried some thing different today when it jammed and worked fast and good...... took my reeling hand and grabbed the wire just above the reel and pulled ..... started working fish again....seemed like the extra pressure cut thru the weed/flea...........been running  Cortland flea-flicker on the rigger rods since the fleas showed up with out any problems...   

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