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RIGGED out of sandy creek 8.16

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After having to fish inside yesterday due to the strong winds we came out at 6am to a laid down lady O and hit the blue water. Set up in 300' outside of the mouth and deployed our 500 copper along with 4 riggers and a wire. It wasn't too long until we started picking up small kings and steelhead.

Around 9 we took a spin west and our 300' wire went ripping with a uv green sparkle spinny w a NBK fly. 15 min later and 4 long runs we landed a 24.5 lb king.

That would be our only major of the day as we went 7-7 with mostly a small class of kings.

We worked back inside to try to get out of the snotty waters but that didn't do us any good. A lot of bait and some fish hugging bottom but no takers. warm water is still deep and probably will be for the next week on the inside.

Back at it in the am to see what we can do in the LOC/OCD!


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