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With the NW blow the past few days, that warm water invaded to inside waters. Ran out to the "Flemmish Cap" ( LMAO) and trolled with 'em. Three riggers and two wire divers....Waaaay to rough to run a big spread. For us the name of the game was Big steelhead. Our batting avaerage was less than stellar (8 for 17), but considering the conditions I was pleased.


  It was a spoon bite for me today....


NK Die hard parked at 52 was the man. Other noteable set ups were Finger Lake Tackle SSW on the 188 diver (Big ring on a 3). NK wonderbead 28 on the 62 rigger, Finger Lakes Tackle Mixed Veggies on the 172 Diver (Big ring on a 3). 


The Lake was wierd today....it went from sustained 4fters with an occasional 6 thrown in to keep you on your toes. About 11:00 it layed down to 2-3's and then it kicked up a couple notches for our steam back into port.


  There are a few more matures being picked up, so things may turn around a little...Good luck and Tight lines!

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Hi Matt, sounds like you guys did it again. Nice report. I'm going to see if I can get a couple of guys to give it a try this week or try to hitch a ride with someone. I might have to try to grab some one off the street to go out. lol. Might stop by this week. Talk to you later.



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