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Double D Afternoon Genny 8/18

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Head out solo this afternoon west of the river again.Fished 26-28 line. Ended up 5 for 8 a skippy king a 10lb king and the rest steelhead. Had a triple on steelhead with only 3 rods, landed 2 and broke one off trying to knock a lamprey off before I boated it(stupid move)

Gator is still hot and I caught a 13 lb steelhead on a protroll and meat rig,figures when I'm solo I catch it so no derby entry.

Good luck and good fishing


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Thanks. .I believe I was out that way tonight. I was small boat with blue Bimini. Skunked. Just can't seem to land this Year. Dont know what I'm doing wrong. Running riggers ff combo. Tonight i ran 1 at 105 other at 115.

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