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Decided for a change of scenery and a shorter drive so headed out of the bay. greeted again by mother natures fury! not as bad as 8/17 but close. set up in 250 or so and trolled into the "chop." another slow start then as the seas calmed things picked up. deep was the ticket again my sonar would not cooperate so i didnt get a depth until it laid down late in the day. roughly between 550-650 fow (12-13 miles out)and fish in small pockets. wire divers out 320 produced our biggest kings that were in the 20-21# range. got into more steelhead as we got into the 600 range. riggers at 70 with cheaters produced the steelies. riggers at 110 produced a few kings. spoons on riggers, ff on wire. UV spoons, bretts one hit wonder (lol), our favorite r and r, mangled stinger mag, alewife, gators all took fish. went 20/24 roughly. fished from 630a-730p. biggest steelie was 11#


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