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8-19 I-Bay Evening

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Tried to get out around 3:30 but it was just too choppy to be worth it. Messed around in the bay until 5:15 and tried again. Better but not great. Headed out and set lines at 125 fow and worked out to 250 fow and back again. 1 release with no one home 95 down over 140 on the way out. No action until we hit 160 fow on the way back in after I dropped a f/f down for the skunk saving laker. While releasing the line from the rigger I managed to accidentally hit the free spool lever and create an awesome bird's nest out of the reel. So one of the guys on the boat got a quick lesson in hand fishing for Lakers. Best method proved to be one wrap around the stern rod holder. Managed a small steelie right after that on a slider. It was starting to get close to dark at that point so 15 more minutes and we called it. Seems like some cooler water moved back in again.



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there was a few boats in close this morning about 120-150.They must have been getting fish as they stayed all morning.temp must be moving up some.

Bass for me .

I heard today that guys fishing from the I-Bay pier are doing pretty well on the browns in the morning. I also work with a guy who kayaks off of Webster Park and he said he saw schools of browns in real close. Both instances are the old "I know a guy who told me stories" but who knows?

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