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333 Standings 8-20-2014

Lil Jake

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With four of the five events in books the standings are as follows.


1. Lil Jake......79.14

2. Nauti T......79.9

3. Blue B.......78.11 1/2 

4. Split S.......63.12

5. 58 J..........42.6

6. Bobber.....29.4

7. Striper1....23.13 1/2

8. Mower.....0.0

9. Shona S..0.0


The other two boats have been no show no pay so it's just the nine of us gents. The prize money will be adjusted but will still be 100% payback.


It's all coming down to the B&B Fall Derby. See you all at the weigh in and good luck.





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Barney wrote the dates in my planner himself back in March. If they have changed I haven't heard about it. I will call Barney and find out.


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Gentlemen I just spoke to Bear and he confirmed the date of the Fall B&B to be September 27th and 28th. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. I'm not sure how the wires got crossed but the 333 sheet is WRONG.

Rollie I truly hope you can suffer through two straight weekends of fishing, I know it's something you have never tried to pull off before but I have faith that you will be able to pull it off bud.....hahaha


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So each tournament we would weigh only our biggest fish?

Stick to same dates? What do ya think it would or should benefit, which charitable organization?

Maybe youth sports? Hospice, maybe we should throw together a meeting..

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