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Finally able to make my first trips after tearing Achilles tendon in May.  8/20 started inside after seeing a good screen.  Made a couple passes pretty cold water with a few skippers so decided to move out.  Ran to 27 line and setup.  Once we hit 28 line had a consistent pick of quality steelhead with some kings mixed in.  Pretty much a spoon bite with flashers being quiet.  Did one mature and at least three teenagers.  Kings seemed to want a little purple in spoon.  Riggers gong 70 to 90 and wires 250 to 270.  Did a couple on 300 copper and 10 color.  Fleas weren't bad.  Stayed west out to 30 line.  Group was real happy and my leg held up OK.  8/21 went back to yesterdays numbers to start.  Found fish farther east and out as far as 31 line.  Did a mature right away on wire out 240.  Again mostly spoon bite.  Temp down around 90 with kings coming up as high as 70 on riggers.  Steelhead throughout water column as had one hit a 300 copper as I was letting it out.  Had a less experienced group so I kept my spread limited.  Fleas were a problem on wire and a 20lb rigger rod.  Rigger rods with Big Game 30lb and Blood Run 30lb flea line were fine.  Kept 2 kings and 2 steelhead released the rest. Another happy group. Was good to be back in the seat of my 25 footer and if I stay away from the rough stuff my leg will stay under me.  Mature kings were still silver so hope we have a few more weeks left.      

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