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mexico bay 8/18-8/21

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Very slow trip with not many fish being marked in the bay.  Monday went 2 for 3 on kings (8,10 lbs)  fish caught in 240 FOW  160' down on the riggers, no strikes on dipsys.  Tuesday went 3 for 6 on kings (20,22,26.5) lost 2 far  back and 1 right at the boat.  190 FOW 160 down, 3 strikes on rigger, 3 on  dipsy 480 back.  Wednesday thermocline came up fished 180-300 FOW caught 2 kings (20, 24 lbs) in 190 FOW 130 down on riggers.  caught 2 Atlantic's in 280 FOW 130 down and 1 brown in 180 FOW 130 down.  Thursday went 1 for 1 king (22 lbs) 130 down.  action very slow, not much talk on radio but seemed in 500 FOW a few fish were being caught.  tried every spin doctor in my arsenal ( about 20 different patterns) with every fly combination, and spoons.  only thing that worked for us was 42nd spinny with atomik crinkle green fly, and hammertime board with a atomik blue hammer fly.  all in all about 40 hours of trolling for 8 kings, 2 atlantics, and 1 brown.  fish seem to be 2 weeks behind for this time of year although a few of the kings we caught were getting dark and eggs were about to separate, so should be happening any time.



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Seems like you did better than most out there with a total of 6 matures.  Ill be back out there tomorrow morning.  Have no clue where to start.  Seems like the fish that are being caught in the 500FOW are mostly 2 year olds.  Id rather stay in and look for the elusive 30lber.  

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