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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report 2014 Aug 22 - Sep 1

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Back in the old days when I was a lot crazier than now (early 80's) I used to chase the steelies out 10 or 12 miles out with my litlle 13 ft Whaler and those things would be going by me and some of the guys on board would either scratch their heads or just look at me in disbelief and some of the ships had 23 or 25 foot dingys on board :lol:

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We target 48-53 degrees and always put one rod deeper.

Down speed is 2.1 on the depthraider, which is equivalent to 2.7 on a fishhawk.


Really? Hm during the challenge I was fishing 2.2 to 2.6 on my Fish Hawk  and catching kings at that speed with a good bend in my diver rods. Who knows I'm sure every unit is still slightly different than the other. 

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