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Sold / Closed Powerwinch RC 23 Wireless Remote Trailer Winch

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When I downsized my boat, I removed the Powerwinch from my previous trailer and installed it on my new one. I used it one time, and then it stopped working. Since the new boat is much lighter, I reinstalled the manual winch and put this one in the back of my garage. It has a remote, but I have never used it. Since it needs to be repaired, I am selling it for $99 as is. The list price for a new one is $518, and an Amazon vendor is selling them for $379. If you are interested, I live on Grand Island and can be reached at 716 five ten 38 two one.



  • Max. boat weight: 7500 lbs
  • Wireless remote operated
  • Light enclosed in the trailer winch casing
  • Vertical lift capacity (single line) 2400 lbs
  • Emergency crank
  • Remote power-in/freewheel-out operation.
  • 12v 60 amp
  • Depth: 9.5â€
  • Width: 11.5â€
  • Height: 9â€


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