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I-Bay - Great day for some browns 8/24/14 AM Report - UPDATE VIDEO ADDED

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Here's the video as promised:







After being on vacation in Cape Cod the past week and not being on the water for two, it was great to get back out. I fished with my great buddy Anthony yet again and our plan was to focus on brown trout as we felt that it gave us our best chance at an LOC Derby fish. We fished in close and didn't have to leave the beautiful green water just north and east of the Bay. Best water was 30', and everything took a fish: two slider divers, 5 and 7 color cores and the two riggers. We finished the day a perfect 15 out of 15 fish hitting the deck, and the biggest just missed a spot on the LOC Board at an official weight of 9#15 ounces.....lol. It shot out of the air like a cannonball once hooked, and it weighed ten and a half pounds on the boat (this included the metal fish holder holding it up which weighs about 8 ounces) so we knew it was going to be a longshot.......



The following all took fish:


Free slider out 45' and back 75'

Free slider out 35' and back 75'

Riggers: 15-20' down

seven color core

five color core


The following lures all took fish:


42 sec SS DW

pink muffin spoon

Raspberry Dolphin spoon

UV Wonderbread DW SS

Purple Thunder with ladder tape spoon

Pink and yellow spoon - one side pink, other side yellow with silver holographic tape down middle with silver cup

Purple Frog DW standard spoon early



The patterns of purple and pink/yellow seemed best, followed by UV Wonderbread as the sun came up


Good luck to all - the fishing is great. Enjoy this great weather and enjoy this spectacular fishery.......I'll post a video of our great action later in the week.


- Chris




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Another great day of fishing on your boat! Thanks captain Chris!

Reading the scale was the fun part after hauling the fish and wondering if it would make the board.

Bill Mayer said big thanks for the big brown for his feast with the mayers clan.

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Got to love the cannonball splash by that heavy brown which was 1 oz shy of 10#.

If I was that heavy I wouldn't be able to leap at all!

Chris - Kudos for the great job on the video!

Hope you will all learn a few things from our actions on the water!

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