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Great day on the lake today, we fished 26-29 line. We finished up 18 for 28, Kings and Steelhead. 2 matures, lots of low teens and a few skippers . Steelhead ranged from 6-9 lbs. I had a reel good fish hit the dipsy wire rod,it ran and pulled like heck and then poof nothing. Started reeling in the wire and it felt light, sure enough just a dipsy no flasher.Fish pulled the split ring right off the swivel( don't know why I had a split ring swivel all my other leaders have solid ring swivels)

Any way the hot mover today was a 10" SD white with black dots and a clean meat rig. That set up took 6 fish. 42nd SD and 42nd fly took 1 which was the largest king. Frost Byte and Moonshine Bad Toad took multiple fish.

Good luck and good fishing!



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