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during tournaments I'm ridiculous.  I work from one side of the boat to the other cleaning lines.  then I start over again.  you can't catch fish when your lines are messed up and the fish love those spots where the currents meet and the weeds build up.  If we are fishing clean water you don't have to check that much.  normally you'll get a good feel of how the water looks around you.  don't leave the lines down too long

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For me the possible flea infestation outweighs even the weed concern and I look at it an an "opportunity" to change out lures and either lengthen or shorten up lines etc. A lot of times fish hit when I'm either bringing in lines, popping riggers and letting them drift a bit or letting stuff out. recently I checked  and cleaned my lines and dropped the rigger and slider down to 40 ft.and as soon as I reached it  a rainbow nailed it....(probably followed it down). I like to relax with some coffee like most folks but I also like to keep busy trying different things and trying to generate some action. It is always good to know you have clean lines and lures working for you.  Much of the time I'm doing just what darkfisher described above.

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