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Decide to fish the derby since I have had 2 fish that prob would have won me $ but wasn't in the derby over the summer. So I had a couple people throw me some tips last night. One was Brian Gamble who told me the browns were in tight 20' of water and try in there maybe get on the board and the other was Lucas Falkner who said he a great night the day before in 300-400' straight off wautmoa shoals. So we decided we would troll the 20-40' water down to the shoals and then head out deep.


Got 2 smallish browns and then the rest was a great king kinda day :yes: Never went deep (the ole saying "don't leave fish to find fish" stayed in my head :lol: ) we stayed inside 45' the whole morning with 37FOW being the best. Riggers at 14,16 and 30 with lines back 75-125' took fish as did the 5 color which took 2 fish including the biggest one that almost spooled us of our backing :o  


Ended up with 5 kings 13,15,21,23 and one that almost made the board at 25.8 when we weighed it in about 3 hrs later. Lost one decent brown but other than that it was a great morning of fishing.


All these fish were caught on Bobby Fullers Finger Lakes Tackle Spoons that work great and hold up unbelievable to the beating they can take. The  AK 47 UV Glow, Ice Cream Sandwich Glow UV, Bank Breaker Chartreuse  HV and the Dragon Fly all in the standard size took fish. These things took a beating today. We had 2 of these kings that had the entire spoon in their mouths and they looked like they hadn't been touched.


Out again tomorrow solo looks like though so that should be some fun netting :shake:


As evidenced by the last photo it was a blood bath :lol:







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It was nice seeing you at the dock yesterday. Unfortunately my trip out was pretty short. I must have fouled the plugs starting the boat because I noticed a skip in the motor while trolling. We setup in 30fow and after an hour we decided to make the run out. The misfires were getting worse and I decided to head back to the dock. It was a good call because the boat stalled right at the dock. It started up again but, it was misfiring badly. My mistake was that I gave it too much gas to get her started and never opened her up once we got out of the chute to clean it out. I'll try and change the plugs today and see if that solves the problem. Original plugs in the boat from 2008. If that doesn't work, off to Pro Marine and done for the season.

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Nice going there Tom!...found all those kings everyone has been running over on the way to the Flemish Cap..lol!..100 boats will be inside of 60 FOW tomorrow. Haha! J plugs time!

Cent frum my notso smart fone

Thanks Mark. Not sure I "found" them as much as they found me :lol: . There was a few boats today that all seemed to stay inside but It was totally different today. It was ice cold and no fish around, for me at least. I worked the same area and never moved a rod other than from one holder to the next :P. Trolled out to 220 looking for some fish and all I marked were fish sitting on the bottom :doh:. Off the water by 10am

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I launched outta the genny today and took a look in tight but the surface temp was as low as 52 and change to the west of genny towards russell. I saw zippo on the screen! pointed nw and joined the pack. I almost went to sandy to try your skinny water approach but could only fish to 12 so a closer launch seemed a better idea. funny thing is that i was almost to some of my sandy waypoints. lots of motorin.

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