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I fished out of sandy last night from 2 till dark. We stayed 420-500 fow and had only three fish in 4 hrs. So we trolled in picking one every forever. 250 fow had a great screen but one hit, then started hitting lakers in 130 fow before we wrapped it up. I'm headed out now just debating on 550fow or 80fow. Buddy caught a 27lb on bottom in 80 feet and did good on smaller fish in 550-600 feet this morning.

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Today we did 10 fish. 9 kings and one nice bow. Nothing over 15. We worked 400 back into 200. 50-80 down. Nbk stinger, gold 42 second, gator dw and an orange/gold spinny/42 second fly on the 300 copper. They only hit on a south troll. Very sporadic and no majors. All silver fish. 2.3-2.5 down. 200 was loaded with hooks and bait but family was in town, so we cleaned some fish and got out of there around 9:30. Back out Monday. Hope this helps.

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