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Oswego status on the lake?

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Just got back yesturday from oswego . Fished Friday / sat . 19 out of 26 ,,kings and 3 steel. Fished 140 both days never left this one pod of bait. Had fish hitting both days right out front of river. It was all mag spoons for us anything black and purple. 70% came on dipsy 250 back 5 foot leader just spoon on it. Rigger fish came between 60-100 ft down. Down speed 1.8-2 down temp 49-52.

Just find the bait and hit it from every direction. That's what worked for us.

Good luckpost-148913-14096142690137_thumb.jpgpost-148913-14096142972863_thumb.jpgpost-148913-14096143390579_thumb.jpg

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