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Labor Day - 9/1/14....my last trip of the season

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To my LOU friends,


As another stellar year on this beautiful lake comes to a close for me, I want to thank all of you for all the great memories this past season. It was a season of calm seas, great fishing, and great friendship and family times with all who fished with me this past year.


This morning I fished with my great  friend Anthony and his daughter Brianna. We hit the offshore site early at 350' and beyond and our best action came between 380-410'. We managed to lose two brutes - one which straightened out one side of a treble hook (see the pic below) and a second beast which we lost 15' behind the boat.


The offshore bite kept us busy with majors today including some nice steelhead as well. The biggest fish we landed I thought was a derby steelhead, but boatside it was "only" 13.3# so she just missed the last day leaderboard. This fish was fought hard by Anthony's 15 year old daughter who fought this fish better than many anglers with 30 years experience!


One of our best hits was a mighty rip on the 85' rigger - free slider, which was a monster king that Anthony just couldn't budge no matter how hard he tried. It peeled out 600' of mono until it surfaced once and after gaining ground it became tangled in the 10 color leadcore. Amazingly, the beast straightened out the treble and lived to fight another day - something which blew me away.


We had another crazy rip on the 400' copper pulling clean meat on a DW glow head and it almost spooled us as well. When we saw the fish surface 1/4 mile behind the boat all of our jaws dropped at how far away he was. Anthony, pouring sweat but concentrating like a precision scientist, battled him for 30 minutes and managed to get in 300 yards of backing plus the 400' copper but unfortunately the monster shook the hook only 15' from the boat after a valiant battle. His mammoth mouth and wide girth put him 27-30 pounds easy we felt, although it'll simply go down as another fish tale of the "one that got away".......Compared with the two 30+ pounders I've caught in my lifetime, this fish had that unmistakable huge mouth and huge wide girth which is why we felt he was so big. We will never know how big he truly was, but I can promise you that it will be a memory we will never forget.


It was a spectacular end to a great year - good luck to everyone and please be safe. Thanks for sharing in my many tales and many videos, and thanks for all your advice and what you all taught me this year. Now it's on to the deer woods for more tales and treasured memories.


The following all took hits/fish today:


clean meat - yellow/glow DW head

DW SS 42 sec. free slider

NK Kevorkian spoon - 85' rigger

NK Purple thunder/ glow ladder spoon  - 85' rigger

ten color core - DW regular Buffalo Bill spoon

DW SS - UV wonderbread - free slider

Fuller KOS - rigger










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It has been a stellar day on the water with a great 3 person crew.

Of course the ones that got away X 2 will never escape our memories of a lifetime!

A little jerk on the rod and a big slip on my footing are the reasons why this big beast have managed to beat us.

I can't wait for the go pro video to show the mockery the kings have made for us today.

Brianna has kept reminding me to let go about the whole ordeal.

Indeed, from both of us, thank you Captain Chis for an excellent adventure today. We will always treasure this special day in our hearts.

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Nice report. It has been a late offshore bite this year but the bite out there has been fantastic the past couple of weeks. My guess is that these are salmon river fish still migrating down the lake. Caught a couple big mature coho out there. As far as I know the salmon river is one of the only rivers that get a significant coho run. River guys should be in for a stellar steelhead season. Big and plentiful.

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Thanks for all the great posts and videos this season. No matter what the level of experience is here we all have stuff to learn about this incredible complex fishery and the sharing of quality information makes it just that much more interesting for all.  For some of us the season is still in full swing and will be right until next Spring :lol:

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