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Sodus Bay 9-3-14 (finally a major)

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I knew I just needed to take another day of vacation and fish these waters, because its the best its been all season.  Sadly this is what 2014 has come down to, but I digress..... Fishing yesterday was STELLAR, sorry I couldn't get this post done last night.


We got out a little late, about 6:45am and set up in 50fow and pointed NW into 3 foot swells out of the west, but with a nice SW breeze I knew the lake would calm down and ultimately by 10am was just a small chop and sunny skies.  We did have to fight some pretty good currents and at times kept speeds up over 3.0 and then down to 2.1 with the wind at our backs.


The screen on Monday in close to shore was great....but that was 2 days ago and it was now blank and I wondered how far we might have to go before seeing good bait and hooks. 


We got into our first fish, a 3lb king on diver in about 110' fow.  Think it was the white/green crush SD and lighter green fly.  Not long after that, we got a small 4-5 brown on the firetiger j-plug on the center rigger, down about 80' over 130fow.  This is when we actually started to see some bait pods and more marks.  Majority of stuff was 70-90 foot down.  Funny part about the brown, was I was looking at my screen and saw a mark at 83' and turned around and the rigger goes off. 


a few minutes later in 150fow, the 260' diver (std size) on a #3 setting takes off and my rookie friend is now finally into a large king.....and after taking him to 550' and about 25 minutes we slap this 22LB King into the boat and I can finally say we boated a 20+lb salmon this year.  Last year, hard to not catch 20lber's....this year, as WE ALL KNOW is a different story and I was just a tad frustrated!


I hit the way point when that fish smacked that white/green crush SD and lighter green fly and when we are all said and done, we were in about 240 fow and the screen was so good while we were fighting it, we turned back around and headed SE back towards it.  That's when the 90 center rigger with the firetiger j-plug takes off again, this time tearing out about 250' of line and my rookie friend feels the difference between fighting a large king on a rigger rod, vs a diver.  We were in about 210fow when this fish hit and about 10 mins later we had a very healthy 19lb king landed.  I hit a way point when this fish took off and now I had two points that I just kept going back and forth between.


The next hit came and went about 2-3 minutes into the battle.  Another diver rod, played like a mid-teens king...made a bold run and was gone....hook popped out and I was so hoping this was not going to be a repeat of Monday! :) lol


And then it happened.....as we were making our way between these two points...the inside diver, which is my MAG diver on a #1 setting at 220' back...pulling my favorite white pearl glow SD and at the moment a green ATOMIK Hijacker fly.....starts SCREAMING and THUMPING and my rookie says....YOUR UP...and I was happy to take it...except I cant even get it out of the holder....Backed the drag off and it was just pulling so hard I could barely get it out, and thas when I knew the fish on the other end was no skippy king......  the fish only tore line out to about 350' and I was maybe a little concerned about letting him get too far away, so I start putting some drag to slow it down.  For the next 20 minutes we did a song and dance of reel in 10 feet and then take back 20 feet....to the point where we were now at 450' back and I COULD NOT BUDGE this beast.... that's when I really started to wonder if this could be a 30lb fish..... I cant remember fighting a fish this hard.  I have had screamers run over 700'+ of line, but they tired out quicker and would come to the boat easier...this fish was content to just keep pulling against me every time I tried to budge him.  Finally I slowed the boat down, and was able to make some progress on this brute, then we caught glimpse of the tail....and then about 50 feet out, we got a really good look at the fish and that's when my rookie was like..."Your not gonna ask me to net this are you?"...LOL    Well the fish decided it wanted to race the boat and came up right next to starboard side and with some guidance from me, slipped the LARGE FRABILL net (Thank you Tim and Jeff) up under and behind this fish and while I knew it wasn't going to be 30lbs....I figured 27lbs.... but alas it WAS ONLY 26lbs!  HAHAHAHAHAHA.....

All I can say is that I now can store the boat this winter with no regrets of a what a lousy year.  Funny what one beast can do to your psyche!!!!


Well we made a few more passes, landed another skippy king on the j-plug, missed a hit on the port side rigger and took a 10lb king on a black/pearl glow SD and mirage fly.....Screen was best between 150 and 225 foot of water and I was sad at 1:30 that we had to back up and go, as we had 'other less important things to do'...LOL.  If you can fish right now...DO IT.  If I had enough vacation left, I would be out all week.... 


Tight lines everyone!  and enjoy!







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I'm thinking I didn't head out far enough tonight but didn't plan on being out more the 2 hours. Set up in 80 fow out of port bay. There is one hell of current out there for sure. First dipseys fires 180 ft out over 110 fow . wasnt a mature but a nice fish that came off pretty quick. Screen was decent between 110 and 125. Dropped another on a mag spoon. Headed west towards sodus screen went pretty blank circled back to were we had the 2. Again some marks no hits. Trolled all the way back to 60 fow before packing it in.

Skunked but beautiful out . lake was glass no boats.

I'm thinking first light I'll head to bout 120 and head deeper til we see signs of life.

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went out tonight with captain Joe (Set and ready charters and friends.It was a awesome evening trip.Boated 4 large kings,a large coho,rainbow ,browns and several lakers.Copper took many along with several hits on dipseys.Meat took several fish behind flashers .

We fished west of pultneyville to almost bear.creek120 to 150  temp was 80 down.

It was a memorial night with thanks to Captain Joe and his friends.

Joe realy knows his fishing and it paid off.

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John, glad you went with Joe....I miss my 3 min run out of Pultneyville to drop lines and fish that area!

tioga, go get em.....wish I was out right now instead of heading to work!

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Got out in front of port bay this a.m. headed deeper. Started at 150 . first 45 mins nothing so kept north at 200 wire goes, chrome/glow Spinny out 275 goes. Running pretty good then the rigger goes, doubled. Small 19'6 tracker only run 4 rods so room is tight. Let the boat fight the rigger fish a bit while I netted the first. Nice 15 lb chrome king. Somehow landed the second.24 lb king. Crazy.

After that nothing for another hour hheaded west towards sodus. Turned in to steer clear of a boat going north. 170 fow and that same dipseys goes and I mean almost goes overboard. Out 285 fish ends count at 802.. I figure no way are we gonna get him. Get to 400 and there he goes back to 700 lol. Some how landed him. A bit over 30 never got a lake king that big. Little dark but bait still in him. Trying to figure how ri post pics.

Anyway boxed out 3 matures. 3 round 10-12 lbs... Headed in at 11 so I can give this evening a few hours..

Fun day

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