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J's behind a flasher?

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you never know until you try it . Netted a 25lb king alive floating on the surface that broke off some ones rod it had a rapala with a broken lip hooked up to a dodger kept the tackle and released the fish . Ran a 10 inch 42nd spinny short leader hooked up to a 8inch 42 spinning a short leader hooked to a 42nd spoon . The chinnies ate it up at the bar a few years ago . Still laugh at that one .

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Anyone ever try this?

We pull spoons off flashers sometimes but have never tried a J-plug.



           Caught a nice king last fall, with a bloody nose J-Plug 5' behind a 6'' silver dodger, don't see why it wouldn't work behind a flasher.



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I was thinking about setting up a glow combo, and a shiney combo for this weekend.

Same/same with a couple spoons.

No coward to trying different here..........that's what she said............ :lol:  

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It works but you have to have a little  longer lead than usual with dodgers and flashers to get the most out of it because J plugs need some room to do their thing. If the lead is real short it restricts the darting action of it and that action seems to be the thing that ticks off salmon into striking out of aggression. which is what you are trying to do at this point in the season for matures.

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