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I finally got my pontoon set up for salmon fishing! We headed toward the river in 50ft. We had 4 rods with dipsy divers covering between 30-45ft. We had a few small hits but once we got in front of the mouth right at dusk we had two fish on! Lost them both! Guessing in experience played a part in that! Now that we have a small idea of what to do I'll be out almost every day. Got off the water around 9:45. Any info or tips would be appreciated! post-154741-14098867652021_thumb.jpgpost-154741-14098867771843_thumb.jpgpost-154741-1409886789765_thumb.jpgpost-154741-14098868023666_thumb.jpgpost-154741-14098868153591_thumb.jpg

Get your FREAK on!!

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Off I bay this morning,80 to 100fow 70 to 80 ft down all spoon bite. Orange Michigan stingers and NK28s.. Dipseys set back 230 to 250ft took 4 outta 5 kings. The last king burned the drag outta my good Diawa dipsey combo. No way that spinning rod will hold up to many big kings. Get more of those okumas tho.. 65lb braid on the dipseys and 50lb on the riggers with 30lb leader. 2.5 2.8 on the s.o.g was the ticket also this mornin.

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I fished out of a pontoon last three yrs until my new set up, and just a good fish finder (GPS for speed) and once I got hang of it i always hammered fish. I like my dipseys parallel to water this will help huge with guessing speed depending on how hard the rod is bending or not. Fishing under 120 fow kings will be on bottom so dipseys I would have one at 175 feet out and another 250 feet out till one gets hit then adjust. Rule of thumb is 1/3 depth. So dipsy out 150 feet fishes 50 foot down. I also had 2 clamp on manual cannon rigger that worked great. I live in spencerport and if you wanted to try the downriggers your more than welcome to borrow two. I won't be using them for another three weeks or so. . I also always ran trolling sinkers set ups. Ide have anything from 1 oz to 6 oz pulling spoons.

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