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Groundhog Day

Billy V

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Billy We just got ice on the lakes around here but it the black ice so it has no snow mixed in so it might be awhile for us over here they have 10+ inchs on Winni. in New Hampshire and we are looking for another single digit temp day on monday and maybe tuesday but I'm looking to shoot for april 1st ;)

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Many a year, on March 15th, we caught a mess of Browns congregating near the sewage outfall ... :shock: ..

.........just what kind of browns were they...... do you touch them with your bare hands :? ......and what technique do you use to filet them??

I don't think you'll have much boat traffic around there from this board :lol: .

sorry, I couldn't help myself. Must be the wine is starting to kick in

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Honestly, the warm water from the outfall attracts a lot of bait and trout. There is an area a couple hundred yards wide that is quite active and yes we release the fish. The important thing is to have a surface temperature gauge and find warmer waters near shore. It could be where a roadside ditch enters the lake on a sunny day, a small stream mouth or an area where the surface waters stack on an onshore wind. I've run my planer boards into the beach with as little as three feet of water and my rapala's are on three foot leads from the boards. Know the water where you're fishing as there are rocks near shore that have taken off props and lower units, like at the end of Ransomville Road.

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