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Sandy 9/5 king bite is on!

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Took my buddy out again since the fishing was so good Wednesday and the fishing was stellar! Lines set at 6:50 am. 2 dipseys, 2 riggers both stacked all with spoons except port side dipsey rod. Wasn't 10 minutes and the flurry began. Managed 6 major kings, 1 brownie, and a screamer that broke my fly off the spin doctor. Had 5 other hits we were unable to stick. Bite shut down at 10 again but we didn't mind. Everything took hits Mountain Dew crush blue dolphin out 220. Moonshine sea sick out 180. On the riggers get r done stacked low was 85. Glow frogs stacked on other rigger low was 72. Fish were in 110fow. Go get em guys have to work the weekend. Sure was nice having all those fish to our selves:)

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