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I-Bay 9/6 Thompson Gunner

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After some time off the water and some less than stellar days on, we got back to it Saturday. Started out of the chute a little late, 6:30, in 35fow with a stairway to heaven J-plug on one rigger and a 69 series evil eye, chartreuse and green, on the other. Around 45 fow the evil eye took a small king. 7 or 8 lbs. We worked out to 75 fow eventually adding two dipsys and a lead core off the board. For the rest of the day it was a f/f and NK C5 bite. The f/f combo at 55 down over 75fow was taking fish. The Fire Tiger NK C5 on a dipsy setting 3 200' back did pretty well too. Nothing else moved. We ended up 6 for 8 with 3 more kings between 17 and 20lbs on the scale, 1 small brown and a med steelie. The two lost were both respectable kings. As I was fighting one, Larry says he feels a double coming. Sure enough the dipsy fires and that king runs the wire right through everything and cuts the line my king was on. 5 minutes later we dropped the second one and all we had to show for it was a small mess and big smiles. Somewhere a king is dragging a NBK spiny with an Ito KJ Special. Started packing it in around 11am. Still waiting on the pictures.......Larry?


Hoping the fishing holds for a couple more weeks.



post-149548-0-85037000-1410190046_thumb.jpg     post-149548-0-18977700-1410190052_thumb.jpg         post-149548-0-97513900-1410190041_thumb.jpgpost-149548-0-06139100-1410191441_thumb.jpg

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