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st clair angler kills nice fish

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A Wolf will kill to eat and survive or feed its family and so will a Coyote and so on, some will not like how nature is though. This jerk killed to satisfy or feed his own ego and not to survive or feed his family ( Sounds like the Government is doing that for him ) I hope he learned a lesson and is remorseful of his crime and uses some brain cells next time to do whats legal and right. A long time criminal I went to school with once said that the 11th Commandment is " Don't get caught " he is 60 and has spent almost 40 of those year incarcerated for crimes he committed.

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I bet he does it again when no one is around. Can't teach an old dog new tricks. An ass will be an ass and I bet he is not alone in this thinking. Some Walleye guys are known to do this. Old school thinking.

i bet you're right. Some still think esox eat all the "good" fish. Someone tell me about a lake where there are only esox left so i can fish there.

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