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I headed out solo at 3:40PM from I bay and motored out to 200 fow. Great temp break at 50' so parked the riggers (with free sliders too) at 50' and 60'. Also ran 10 color core down chute with chrome flasher fly combo. Switched out to wire diver w/ NK mag spoon. Had 4 rigger releases but nobody home. As sun was hoping down I trolled towards the bay to call it a night and then in 100 fow 50' rigger fires I go to grab it nobody home but the wire diver starts screaming!! I get the rod out of the holder and realize I'm in for a treat. It made 4 big runs almost maxing out drag on Penn 209 . Gradually circled the boat and fought approx 20 min. Finally got it to the boat and got the net under (not easy solo w/ 10' dipsey rod) and lo and behold a huge mature king! Maxed out my cheap spring scale at 28lbs. A slow evening that ended with a real wake-up so now I'm not selling my boat and will be out next year lol

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Been there done that solo with a 27lber that wrapped in downrigger cable while trying to net it.  Thank goodness it didn't break.  Great Job!!!!!!  Nothing more fun than a large king solo....unless its a double and oh yes, once a triple while solo last year.  Thank God two of the fish were lakers!!! LOL

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