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I Bay 9/9 evening

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Since I always appreciate the reports, I decided I should start posting results to the extent it may give the next fisherman a place to start.  Fished last night dead north of the outlet, beginning in 70 FOW and trolled out to 90 FOW, generally heading NW.  Ran a 6 rod spread with my father, 4 riggers and 2 dipsys.  Not a lot of marks until we hit a few bait schools in the 80 FOW range.  Had 3 releases on riggers with no one home.  These were all spoon hits at 45-55 down (watermelon and green ladder back took these hits).  Ended up with 2 kings (18 and 15lbs) on the dipsys both trolling back through the same bait school in 80FOW.  Both were set on a 2.5 and out 180ft.  One mountain dew SD with glow/green fly and the other green/white SD with crinkle blue fly.  Fished less than 2 hrs before it got too dark but it was fun.  We did try a couple of J plugs, but no hits on those.


Good luck out there.  Hope the water calms or it may be tough to get again until after the weekend.

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