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9-10 I-Bay Thompson Gunner

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We headed out after work for a quick fish. Set up in 55fow at 5:30 and worked out to 80 fow. Took a small brown almost right away on an NK C5 fire tiger off a dipsy. Had another hit on the other dipsy a little later and that was it. We marked some nice pods of fish from time to time between 65 and 75 fow. Water was about 20 degrees cooler than last weekend. 48 degrees 55 down over 75 fow. Not that temp has alot to do with it right now. I think we should have stayed a little shallower but hindsight is always easy. The weather held out long enough to get a few hours in which was reward enough in itself.

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:) Last night I worked the inside 40 to 80 areanear my port temp was good and I hit alot of fish the night before.Action was much slower inside while my friend took 6 matures at 180 top 60 ft.on frog spoons and flashers.It was just to windy for a solo trip for me.

I did get blown out to 100 ft and had three rods go off .No One home on two lost the other fish.

next trip Im moving up to #4 jplugs as they can run alot faster.I also use a fast diamond king spoon under the J so I dont get alot of pull offs when the lower rod goes off.Fish seem to sound on a spoon but will rise more on a plug.

Looking forward to next trip to burn some j"s.

Speed was maxium when the riggers were realy singing ,about 5.

I secret i found with jplugs was to school them and make alot of turns.

:)  :)

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