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Canandaigua 9-12-14


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Had things to do in Am left the north end launch at noon trolled the west side south with 2 riggers with sliders and a 200 copper with spoon, then added 4 oz wt to copper still nothing. A lot of fish and bait pods marked  40-70 ft down from 78 ft of water through 141 ft. wouldn't touch the offerings. Changed out the copper for 6 color leadcore then with weight and trolled right through fish and bait - no takers. Switched out spoons on riggers many times... nothing still marking fish spread out but no takers.  Also marked very graphically what I initially thought was the thermocline but once I checked my lines it was clear it was the fleas...they were so thick thy even attached to my downrigger cables and the sea flee line on the downrigger rods (a first on them). The fleas are not the usual type they are very dark green resembling "moss" but they are more stubborn to get off than the usual types. In some places there were "bands" of them on the display and when I brought up my lines the fleas were intermittently distributed on the lines in bands as well. Once I reached Menteth I trolled back north and replaced the leadcore with a wire rig  and flasher/fly combo followed by a spin doc combo....still nothing despite going back and forth through fish and "messing" with them trying to get them to bite. finally as I reached the Water Plant while right out iin the middle I was pulling in the wire and the 55 ft downrigger fired and started taking line and then a rainbow jumped once and then headed down. I got him in and he was a decent 4 lb bow...realized I left my camera in the vehicle but he came on the Great Lakes 44 with orange tape again. He was released unharmed after a few minutes reviving him.  It turned out that it was good that I left the camera behind in the vehicle because I got a good shot of a blue heron on the way out of the launch. :)


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We have fished Canadaguia only a few times, each time it had been like you described. Do you think it was the cold front shutting things down or is it as simple as the fish were in between feeding times? I am of the theory that fish have their big "dinner" at first light ( may be full moon) then from there they eat till full and six hours later time for lunch, then a light dinner before night. Also I have found if you are seeing lots of deer feeding the fish are doing the same.

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Good observations John.  You know earlier in the season I was thinking maybe the fish I'm marking are not trout (maybe smallies etc.) but this is the second time that in being persistent in "messing" with them (back and forth up and down with the riggers, letting out line, taking it in, and going crossways, rocking the boat etc.) that I have caught a rainbow so I know at least some of the marks are bows but they sure are particular. One of the complicating factors here in assessing what is going on is the two year back to back virus/bacterial infections leading to die offs. There certainly seems to be adequate amounts of bait here but not like I've seen in years past where clouds of it go from over a hundred feet up to the surface. 

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