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Bearing Buddies or Regular Cap & Zerk Fitting


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I lost one of my caps so I decided to purchase two sets of Bearing Buddies and replace all of the Cap & Fitting that has a rubber grommet on the end to access the fitting.

The end of my axles have a Zerk fitting that obviously forces grease directly down the axle and purges old grease and water out of the bearing. To me, this is the most positive way to get grease direct to the bearing. (just like heavy industry machines). 

My question is...should I be removing this grease fitting from the end of the axle if I use Bearing Buddies to allow grease to be forced through the axle and to the bearing?

Or........maybe just stay with what I have and return the

 Bearing Buddies???


PS..It would take the same amount of time to remove the bra cap that is covering the Bearing Buddies as it would to reome the grommet , grease and reinstall the the grommet in place.


Your comments please.

Thank you guys


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Use the axle zerk. Bearing buddies aren't that great. Took mine all off. Red eye no better. You can easily blow out the inner seal and the old grease never purges with out blowing the seal. Purge out the end and wipe it off is better. Now ya know ya got new grease to the inner bearing.

Cent frum my notso smart fone

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I agree Guys.....Being an engineer myself and engineering heavy equipment with lots of large bearings, this whole Bearing Buddy concept is simply poor engineering and a marketing thing ! ....just wanted to here what opinion others had.

I'm sending the BB back for refund


Thanks for the comments


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I worked for Loadrite for over 10 years and can say for a fact, that BB's do more damage than good! Zerk fittings on the axles are not much better. IMO, the old fashioned dust caps to keep out water and such, is the best option, along with a disassemble, clean, and repack before storage. A PITA I know, but the only way to go!

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I beg to disagree.

Both the zerks and the bearing buddies will blow out the rear seal if you over fill them but BBs when filled up to 3/4 will constanly supply fresh grease because they are spring loaded. This is useful on long hauls.

The zerks need to be refilled more often.

Clean and repack is always the right thing to do.

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