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Oak 9/14 Salmon Assassin's

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Planned for a late start so lake could lay down. Had some new R&R Salmon Assassin attractors to play with and they took two matures and a nice coho. Also did a steelhead on a rocker spoon. Ended up 6 for 7 in a little over four hours. Matures came 80 to 90 down over 120 plus a little west. Matures were still feeding so probably another week or so left. This was my last Lake O trip for this season.post-141141-0-15680500-1410788058_thumb.jpgpost-141141-0-49799500-1410788067_thumb.jpg

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On the eight inch I was using 22" inch leader same as I use on the 8" SD. On the 11" I was using a longer leader about 36" to 40". I ran some 13" with 5 foot leaders on cut bait which didn't take any hits.

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