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Happy Birthday Hank (L&M) L.O.U.'s oldest Mod


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Celebration of yer hatch day in yer birthday suit is just normal...at least that's what a certain Ray K would say.

Walter would say "What the hell ya lookin at...ain't ya never seen a new Peterbilt?" ...that's goin in the Smithsonian.. mechanics tool that lasts a lifetime!

Happy birthday Hank man! Eat a tub of chocolate pudding!


Cent frum my notso smart fone

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Happy b-day hank

"L.O.U's oldest mod"...... wow time flies. i rememeber like it was only a few months ago when me and mark started this site and i talked with ya about helping with mod. 

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Happy Birthday Hank, I think that being a mod on this site is a special privilege, and all of you do a terrific job. Keep twisting wrenches as long as possible, good mechanics are far and few between. You have the best day ever!!! Our family wishes you many more healthy years to come. PAP!!!

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