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Thanks to ALL of you.


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Thanks to all that send their condolences to me for the loss of my brother, the funereal went extremely well, I got to read my own words of the good times and of the times he received nicknames (the streak) and of times we had together on LakeO and the river (ST Lawrence) I want to thank all of you. Kevin I would like to meet up with you next spring, and Justin you are a true inspiration to the walleye folks, keep up with your tour of duty to get Otisco to the Great Lake you want it to be, till we all meet again tight lines to all PAP!!

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Thanks Kevin, you remind me of my brother, with your turkey hunting which he loved, the only bird I ever shot was one he called in 10" beard and something about it spears on its back legg, well that one will be tough to do again he said, and he loved his goose hunting and of course the river, many smallies and walleye fell victim to his pole. The only thing I didn't care for was his bass boat with a 200hp on the back and he wasn't afraid to use it, I'm more into 20-25mph boats and I think he just did it to put skid marks on my shorts LOL thank again pap.

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